What Happened on the Cross (Wipf & Stock, publisher)


“How can God have punished his son for the sins over every person on earth and still have been just?  In this work, Nick Peros takes a fresh look at the questions involved and offers a bible-centred comprehensive approach to the topic … . One of the most intriguing aspects of What Happened on the Cross is that it does truly offer a new and refreshing paradigm for seeing the nature of salvation, which is a significant accomplishment in its own right.  …   Whatever theory of atonement you may hold to currently, you can expect to be genuinely challenged by Peros’ presentation as he grapples with an enormous amount of biblical literature from both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. … By painting a picture of the theological theme of salvation all the way from the Creation to Revelation the author builds an argument for a unique view of the physicality or the reality of sin, and the need for an incarnate God to finally wash away our sins permanently…. The author’s theological acumen becomes apparent despite not using the traditional academic style.  The project is harkening back to times when a writer went about building a case for a theological doctrine from the Scriptures themselves, not relying on other theologians and thinkers to create a case.  Nick Peros has built a fresh picture of redemption spanning from Genesis to Revelation; a systematic theology that adheres to the authority of the Bible. With almost 750 scripture verses used to support the argument, the reader becomes aware that this work is predicated upon a firm foundation.”

  Rev. Dr. Cyril Guerette (PhD, M.Phil, B.Th)
  Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies & Theology, Tyndale University College

“In this book Nick Peros has presented a comprehensive view of atonement.  … This book takes you on a journey through history to help understand what happened on the Cross: from cosmic battles fought in heaven, to the origin and nature of sin, to the fall of man, to an understanding of the significance of the Jewish sacrificial system, to the significance of Jesus’ incarnation and life as the second Adam, to parallels between Satan’s success in tempting Adam and his failed efforts to tempt of Jesus, to the crucifixion and realm of the dead.  These are all woven together into God’s unwavering redemptive plan that culminated in victory by the resurrection of Jesus.  Within these pages profound truths about God’s unsurpassable love for us are discovered.   Could it really be that Jesus did not need to die for God to forgive our sins but he did need to die in order for us to receive forgiveness?  I highly recommend reading this book to challenge your views on many topics and to lift the veil a little more to uncover the beauty and majesty of a God who is love and to see more completely how far Father, Son and Spirit, in complete unity, are willing to go to redeem their Creation.”

  Steve Read, Ph.D., B.Sc