The writings of author & poet Nick Peros range from theological subjects of Christian truth to contemporary poetryImbued with deep scriptural insight as well as an artistry of verse, his style is powerful, original and engaging.  

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1985 (B.Sc), Peros gained experience as an editorial assistant at ArtPost Magazine after which, together with writer Steve Pinney, he co-founded and co-published the Christian arts publication BrightRedLife, a quarterly small-press publication that commented on contemporary arts & culture from a Christian perspective, with Peros also acting as a regular contributor of articles and forums. 

Peros began writing poetry at an early age, with a style ranging from contemporary free verse, characterized by rich imagery and metaphor, eventually settling into an original and contemporary sonnet form.  His poetry has been set to music by various composers.  The Inextinguishabe Light (DeoSonic Press, 2020) is a collection of 150 contemporary sonnets covering a great range of themes, with all sonnets characterized by an original poetic voice and a broad depth of truth.

His book What Happened on the Cross (Wipf & Stock, 2020) offers a new and biblical understanding of how salvation was accomplished upon the Cross, showing that the Penal Substitution view, common since the 1500’s, does not have a biblical basis, and also showing that the Christus Victor understanding is inadequate.  Using over 740 scripture verses to make its argument, the book gives a comprehensive picture from Genesis to Revelation on the many aspects involved in the accomplishment of salvation – above all showing clearly that salvation has nothing to do with “punishment for sins” – our sins were never punished upon the Cross, rather, our sins were forgiven.  The Cross was about “forgiveness” not “punishment”.

Nick Peros is also an acclaimed composer of orchestral, chamber and concert works.  For more information on Nick Peros’ music visit www.nickperos.com