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Nick Peros

The writings of author & poet Nick Peros range from theological subjects of Christian truth to contemporary poetry. Imbued with deep scriptural insight as well as an artistry of verse, his style is powerful, original and engaging.

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Revelation Revealed

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Revelation Revealed is a study of the Book of Revelation. It is not an “end-times” book in that it does not seek to identify current events in the light of Bible prophecy, rather Revelation Revealed examines the Book of Revelation itself – many questions are addressed, with all questions being approached exclusively from the standpoint of Scripture itself – it is Scripture which answers these questions for us, and clear conclusions are reached.
The Inextinguishable Light

A collection of 150 contemporary sonnets

The Inextinguishable Light is a collection of 150 Sonnets that imbue the traditional sonnet form with a contemporary voice and a modern sensibility, showing the form to be as relevant today as at any time throughout its long history. 

What Happened on the Cross

Forgiveness not Punishment

What Happened on the Cross offers a new and biblical understanding of how salvation was accomplished upon the cross. Using over 740 Scripture verses to make its argument, the book gives a comprehensive picture from Genesis to Revelation of the many aspects involved in the accomplishment of salvation—above all showing clearly that the cross had nothing to do with “punishment for sins”—our sins were never punished upon the cross, rather, our sins were forgiven.

about Nick Peros

The writings of author & poet Nick Peros range from theological subjects of Christian truth to contemporary poetry.  His theological writings are imbued with deep scriptural insight and deal with a wide range of contemporary issues, while his poetry is characterized by an artistry of verse, composed in a style that is powerful, original and engaging.  (more)


One of the most intriguing aspects of What Happened on the Cross is that it does truly offer a new and refreshing paradigm for seeing the nature of salvation, which is a significant accomplishment in its own right. … Whatever theory of atonement you may hold to currently, you can expect to be genuinely challenged by Peros’ presentation … Nick Peros has built a fresh picture of redemption spanning from Genesis to Revelation; a systematic theology that adheres to the authority of the Bible. With almost 750 scripture verses used to support the argument, the reader becomes aware that this work is predicated upon a firm foundation. read more
In this book Nick Peros has presented a comprehensive view of atonement. … Within these pages profound truths about God’s unsurpassable love for us are discovered. Could it really be that Jesus did not need to die for God to forgive our sins but he did need to die in order for us to receive forgiveness? I highly recommend reading this book to challenge your views on many topics and to lift the veil a little more to uncover ….read more