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Revelation Revealed (Wipf and Stock, publisher)

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Revelation Revealed is a study of the Book of Revelation. It is not an “end-times” book in that it does not seek to identify current events in the light of Bible prophecy, rather Revelation Revealed examines the Book of Revelation itself – what are its key imagery and symbols?What do they mean? What are the timelines of the book? What is the sequence of events? What are the Days of Noah? Who is “the Beast” and how do we understand him? What is the “mark of the Beast”? How do we understand “Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes”? Is there a rapture? All of these questions, and many more, are addressed, with all questions being approached exclusively from the standpoint of Scripture itself – it is Scripture which answers these questions for us, and clear conclusions are reached. The events outlined in the Book of Revelation are the most-prophesied events in the Bible, and Revelation Revealed shows that the Book of Revelation is understandable, for God has given us all that we need in order to understand it.

The Inextinguishable Light (DeoSonic Press, publisher)

A Collection of 150 Contemporary Sonnets

The Inextinguishable Light is a collection of 150 Sonnets that imbue the traditional sonnet form with a contemporary voice and a modern sensibility, showing the form to be as relevant today as at any time throughout its long history.  The thematic range of the Sonnets is wide, ranging from the modern political, to the cultural, moral and relational, as well as observations on the general human condition, God,  Time, beauty and the eye of the beholder, temptation, light and darkness and more.  Retaining the key hallmarks of the sonnet form, yet applying an original approach to meter and stress, these 150 Sonnets embrace tradition but expand it into a modern expression.

What Happened on the Cross (Wipf & Stock, publisher)

Forgiveness not Punishment

What Happened on the Cross offers a new and biblical understanding of how salvation was accomplished upon the cross, showing that the Penal Substitution view, common since the 1500s, does not have a biblical basis, and also showing that the Christus Victor understanding is inadequate. The book is founded upon the understanding that Jesus Christ is the Second Adam, and that is the foundation of how we are to understand the accomplishment of salvation. This “Second Adam” theory of atonement shows that both the shedding of blood and death were essential in the accomplishment of salvation, and What Happened on the Cross shows why these were essential. Using over 740 Scripture verses to make its argument, the book gives a comprehensive picture from Genesis to Revelation of the many aspects involved in the accomplishment of salvation—above all showing clearly that the cross had nothing to do with “punishment for sins”—our sins were never punished upon the cross, rather, our sins were forgiven. Understanding how salvation was accomplished upon the cross, and that it was about forgiveness, not punishment, both exalts God and his greatness, demonstrates his perfect love and justice, as well as liberates our hearts towards him.